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Guidelines for posting announcements to COEfyi – new courses

  • The audience for COEfyi – new courses includes COE faculty, graduate students, academic advisors, and graduate coordinators.
  • COEfyi – new courses provides a reliable and timely way to announce and receive information about new COE course offerings.
  • Please note that the Course Description field is limited to 100 words. Please add PDF attachment if you need to provide more information.
  • COEfyi – new courses will be sent at 10 a.m. on Fridays – please keep this in mind when you are submitting time-sensitive requests. If you want your message to be included, please submit your content by 10 a.m. on Thursdays – the Office of Academic Programs reviews all courses for accuracy before they are posted.
  • Posts cannot contain political statements, endorsements, or fundraising; personal items for sale/purchase/rent; or ads or promotions for outside organizations.

COEfyi – new courses is a work in progress. We appreciate your feedback and support as we all acclimate to this new communication tool for the College.

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